Class SystemTool.SystemInfo

  • Enclosing class:

    public class SystemTool.SystemInfo
    extends java.lang.Object
    Simple structure to store the platform informations
    • Field Detail

      • heapFreeSize

        public long heapFreeSize
        Current free heap size (ko)
      • heapMaxSize

        public long heapMaxSize
        Current heap max size (ko)
      • heapSize

        public long heapSize
        Current allocated memory (ko)
      • totalFreeMemory

        public long totalFreeMemory
        Total free memory (ko)
      • cacheObject

        public int cacheObject
        Current mounted objects in cache
      • cacheObjectMax

        public int cacheObjectMax
        Max objects in cache
      • cacheObjectPrct

        public int cacheObjectPrct
        Object cache occupied percentage
      • cacheProcess

        public int cacheProcess
        Current mounted processes in cache
      • cacheProcessMax

        public int cacheProcessMax
        Max processes in cache
      • cacheProcessPrct

        public int cacheProcessPrct
        Processes cache occupied percentage
      • cacheAPIGrant

        public int cacheAPIGrant
        Current mounted API grants
      • cacheAPIGrantMax

        public int cacheAPIGrantMax
        Max API grants
      • cacheAPIGrantPrct

        public int cacheAPIGrantPrct
        API grants cache occupied percentage
      • dirDBDocSize

        public long dirDBDocSize
        DBDoc size (Mo)
      • dirBinSize

        public long dirBinSize
        Recycle bin size (Mo)
      • dirExportsSize

        public long dirExportsSize
        Exports size (Mo)
      • dirTmpSize

        public long dirTmpSize
        Temp size (Mo)
      • dirIndexSize

        public long dirIndexSize
        Lucene Indexes size (Mo)
      • diskTotal

        public long diskTotal
        Total disks size (Mo)
      • diskFree

        public long diskFree
        Free disks space (Mo)
      • diskUsable

        public long diskUsable
        Usable disks size (Mo)
    • Constructor Detail

      • SystemInfo

        public SystemInfo()
    • Method Detail

      • toJSONObject

        public org.json.JSONObject toJSONObject()
        To JSON object
        JSON object
      • toJSON

        public java.lang.String toJSON()
        To JSON string
        JSON string
      • toString

        public java.lang.String toString()
        toString in class java.lang.Object